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Representation of government agencies and other political subdivisions requires a breadth of skill and experience to defend clients effectively. The procedural nuance in government and administrative law is much different from civil and criminal matters, and requires a practiced hand. Maldonado Law Group fits that bill.

Offering decades of combined experience in government and administrative law, the law firm of Maldonado Law Group provides a wide range of legal services to all types of political subdivisions in South Texas and West Texas. Our central location in San Antonio allows our attorneys to represent and defend the following entities:

  • Home Rule and General Law municipalities
  • Counties
  • Housing authorities
  • School districts
  • Electric cooperatives
  • Water districts

We understand the high stakes and potential consequences in every governmental law matter, and that our clients are highly visible during these cases. We are sensitive to the reputation issues and presence in the public domain and work quickly and confidently to ensure that of all the responsibilities a governmental agency has, the quality of its legal representation is above reproach.

Our breadth of governmental law experience covers nearly all types of public entity in any legal issue they face.

  • Ordinances
  • Planning and zoning
  • Environmental affairs
  • Water and wastewater matters
  • Air quality issues
  • Texas Open Meetings Act
  • Texas Public Information Act
  • Public finance
  • Economic development
  • Ethical issues
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Municipal prosecution
  • Employment law

Government Affairs

Most industries are regulated by strict and specific government-issued guidelines. It is not unusual for these guidelines to jeopardize business practices and profits, however, and it is in a company's or industry's best interest to amend, repeal or stipulate certain terms, and to seek exemption from a particular ordinance.

Our attorneys have an established track record of cost-effective and creative solutions for clients seeking legislative or regulatory change. This arm of our practice includes public entities, private organizations and groups of subdivisions in efforts to ease restrictions against their interests and best practices.

For example, Maldonado Diaz, PLLC has represented a consortium of small municipality-owned electric utilities seeking amendments to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas(ERCOT)'s operating guidelines. Our attorneys have additionally represented a consortium of public power entities seeking exemption from Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) reporting and compliance liability standards.

Administrative Hearings and Litigation

Government and administrative law has a lot to do with hearings, paperwork, and simply being at the right place at the right time with the right documentation. Beyond that, a sense of decorum that only comes with experience in court before administrative judges and a thorough knowledge the procedures involved are necessary for a successful resolution of a case.

In addition to our experience in administrative hearings, our attorneys are also ready to litigate cases on behalf of our private and public sector clients in a myriad of practice areas, including:

  • Contract litigation
  • Employment law defense
  • Labor law issues
  • OSHA defense
  • Workers compensation defense
  • Unemployment compensation claims and appeals

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