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Civil law covers any non-criminal legal issue that happens to individuals. Some of these matters, such as estate planning, are simple issues that are resolved without an opposing party. Most others, however, involve some kind of dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration. The majority of legal issues are resolved in this way before courts.

Matters that are sent through the court system are then fought with litigation. This includes anything from divorce and child custody proceedings, probate, will contests, personal contract disputes, and appeals. With our San Antonio attorneys' experience in a variety of courtrooms, our litigation practice has helped members of our community conclude their legal battles and move forward, knowing they achieved the best outcome possible for their particular case.

Individual clients find we treat them with respect and attentive service, explaining everything involved in their legal issue and the process before them. Our civil lawyers make sure clients and their families understand the situation at hand and are able to make an informed decision about their case.

Divorce & Family Law

The Texas Department of Health reported more than 80,000 divorces in the Lone Star State each year, as of 2012. For most people, their only interaction with the court system is in case of a divorce or other family law issue.

Our attorneys handle all aspects of family law, including:

Divorce is an incredibly difficult experience, and our family lawyers understand that your divorce is more than paperwork and lists of property and obligations. It is an extremely personal experience, fraught with emotion that can cloud judgment. We work to support you throughout your case by providing qualified and thorough legal representation to ensure that agreements reached in your divorce are those that can withstand legal scrutiny and are enforceable over the long term. We are especially sensitive to family issues that involve children, and we draw on unique solutions to find an arrangement that accommodates your children's needs and is a sustainable situation for you and your ex.

If your situation changes in the years after your divorce — perhaps a new job or new relationship arise that may suggest a change in living arrangements or income — our divorce attorneys can return to the discussion table to try to find a post-divorce modification that legally changes your custody or support agreements. The goal in family law is to find the optimal outcome in a difficult situation.

If a family business is involved, our attorneys are uniquely qualified to address any issues that arise in regard to ownership, division of labor, dissolution or other matter.

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